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Trade Show Booth Installation & Dismantle Terms

Carpenter – a skilled worker hired by an exhibitor to unpack, install/setup/assemble, dismantle/take down/tear down, and/or re-pack trade show exhibit properties

Craftsperson – a skilled worker or laborer who provides services such as installation & dismantle of displays at a trade show facility

Installation of a back lit rotating sign on the trade show floor using a forklift.

Dead Time – time when a trade show worker or laborer is unable to perform work due to factors beyond his or her control

Dismantle/Tear Down/Take Down – to take down or tear down (dismantle) and repack a trade show display

Double Time Labor (DT) – work performed on overtime (OT) on the trade show floor and charged at twice the published rate for Sundays and holidays; the application of double time rates varies from state to state

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) – any company other than the designated official contractor hired by an exhibitor to perform trade show services such as display installation and dismantle, plant rental, photography, audio visual rental, etc.

Four-hour Call/Four-hour Mini – minimum amount of time for which union labor must be paid for work performed on the trade show floor for an exhibitor

Installation/Setup/Assembly – the process of assembling a trade show display according to specific drawings or instructions

Installation Contractor – a company that coordinates and supervises workers who install and dismantle trade show exhibits

Installation & Dismantle (I&D) – the set up or assembly (installation) and take-down or tear down (dismantle) of trade show exhibits

Labor – workers who are contracted to perform services on the trade show floor; also known as craftspersons

Labor Agreement/Union Contract – a contract between an employer and a union outlining the terms and conditions of employment, union status, and processes for settling disputes during the contract period; also known as Collective Agreement

Labor Call – the time specified for workers to report to the exhibit space to begin setting up or dismantling a trade show display

Labor Desk – a location in the exhibit hall where exhibitors can place orders and/or check in when they are ready to secure labor to begin setup or dismantle of their display booth

Overtime (OT) – work performed on the trade show floor outside normal business hours including holidays and weekends; OT rates are usually substantially higher than ST rates and vary from state to state

Right to Work – a law securing the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union

Set Up/Installation/Assembly – the installation or assembly (setup) of trade show exhibit components per specific setup drawings or instructions to create a trade show display booth

Set-up Drawing – a set of instructions and/or drawings for the proper installation of a trade show exhibit

Straight Time (ST) – work performed on the trade show floor during normal business hours at a standard hourly rate; rates and business hours vary from state to state

Union – an organization of workers whose purpose is to protect workers’ rights and increase bargaining power with an employer on issues such as wages, work hours, and benefits

Union Steward/Shop Steward – an official elected by union co-workers to oversee a particular union’s work in a trade show facility and resolve disagreements over union jurisdiction

Work Rules – regulations that specify conditions, work hours, and pay structure of a craftsperson’s labor on the trade show floor

Work Time – the period of time for which a laborer or craftsperson is paid for work performed for a trade show exhibitor

  • I&D Tips

    Utilizing a knowledgeable and efficient I&D Company will greatly decrease overtime charges during the tradeshow installation and dismantle periods.

    Contact us for a quote.

Why Choose Jendersee, Inc.?

  • On Time Installation & Dismantle = Cost Savings
  • Skilled labor to extend the useful life of your display
  • We maintain strong relationships industry wide for smooth project planning & on site coordination

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